Multi-Screen Display

3 large 1080p monitors display a map of the St. Lawrence River nearly 20 feet wide. The wonders of the entire 1000 Islands can be explored by using one of the 3 touch screens.

Interactive Brochure Wall
Interactive Brochure Wall

Custom Content Management

The database manages any amount of content including videos, pictures, animations and text. Combined with an expandable 20 foot wide location menu, it teases at what awaits discovery.

Custom Interface Design

Aquatariums location is clearly displayed in relation to all the regions attractions. The touch screen is easy to use and all information is e-mailable to a mobile device for followup.

Interactive Brochure Wall

Custom Control Setup

The wall display uses consumer level hardware with educational interface and custom software. This Aquatarium exhibit uses a 3 x 3 control/display matrix but any combination is possible.

A/V Integration

Quality learning and retention is a product of read, watch, listen, do. This educational, game playing exhibit endorses exploration and discovery as primary motivators for all.