Strategic Storytelling

Power of Water currently tells the story of the St. Lawrence Seaway, one of the worlds greatest engineering projects. Future stories, like Clean Power are easy to integrate.

Power of Water
Power of Water

Video Wall Display

A 4×4 matrix of hi-def monitors creates an eye-catching billboard that uses integrated media to tell a great River story, at a distance, from whatever point you happen upon it.

Custom Animation

Content, including design, animation and video are highly integrated to allow “Drop In” learning at a distance. The experience design allows opportunities to support follow-on presentations.

Power of Water

Scalable Content

No user input is required to cycle through content. The software allows for easy updating with new content during a brief off-line cycle.

A/V Integration

Designed to work at a distance, no audio is needed. The exhibit takes a cardboard billboard idea and ramps it up 1000%. Content is non-linear to support “Drop In” educational concepts.