Interactive Kiosk

PlayPort is an interactive kiosk that encourages visitors to explore all the sights and attractions located throughout the 1000 Islands, all at the touch of a finger.


Custom Interface Design

The User Interface allows exploration of attractions based on areas of interest, themed quests or by location through a custom-built interactive map.

Built-in Trivia Challenge

The RiverQuest Challenge is a trivia based game that tests knowledge of the 1000 Islands. A series of correct multiple-choice, true and false, video and matching questions may land users at the top of the leaderboard.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PlayPort?

What can I do with a PlayPort?

PlayPorts are custom interactive kiosks, that explore all the amazing attractions located throughout the 1000 Islands.

Through the touch screen interface you can explore and plan visits based on topics that interest you.

What information is available on a PlayPort?

You can learn about all the amazing attractions located on both sides of the Canada-USA border and even explore the region through a custom-built interactive map.

PlayPort helps you plan your next visit by allowing you to send your discoveries and directions directly to your phone or tablet.

Where can I find a PlayPort?

Aquatarium in Brockville was created as a launchpad and anchor attraction for the region. PlayPorts located at the Aquatarium make it easy to discover other nearby wonderful places.

What is the RiverQuest Challenge?

What is an Interactive Challenge?

The RiverQuest Challenge is an interactive, rich-media trivia game available on the PlayPort and online.

It tests knowledge of the 1000 Islands as players compete for the top spots on the leaderboard for a chance to win prizes, as determined by Aquatarium.

What kind of learning questions does it have?

Players are asked attraction-specific and regional questions in a variety of types, including video questions, picture matching and true or false.

The use of Read, see, touch, heard reinforces learning.

What kind of media does it use?

Rich multimedia content is used, including audio, video, imagery and text. A mobile-friendly web version of the Challenge allows visitors to take part in Challenges using their mobile devices in the event that the PlayPorts are occupied.

How Does it Work?

Where does the content come from?

PlayPort content is custom, re-purposed and re-usable. The central library and database share content and all content is approved by Aquatariums partners or subject matter experts.

How is information managed and updated?

PlayPorts are managed remotely via a centralized administration control panel, allowing for remote updating and the constant refreshing of marketing and question content during off hours.

Is an internet connection required?

PlayPorts are designed to be connected to a live internet connection, but can work equally well during a connectivity outage. The mobile version requires an internet connection.

What is so cool about PlayPorts?

They deliver information in the way its wanted. They allow multiple Partners on the River to support each other and tell River stories in a cost-effective way called Stronger Together.