Tri-Screen Display

The Aquatarium theatre is connected to deliver a River documentary, world science event or a presentation from the lab. 3 side-by-side screens and independent projectors make it possible.


Strategic Storytelling

Video stories focus on the River’s history, geology, ichthyology, herpetology and more. The library is always being updated by the Aquatarium’s experts.

Custom Video Production

The hi-def video library we created for the Aquatarium is on display here. Macro video, underwater discovery and breathtaking aerials. River experts have weighed in on all stories


Custom Control Setup

Presenters have the ability to call up content on demand as needed through Aquatarium’s custom designed media management system.

Custom Space Usage

Aquatarium’s in-room aquariums, disappearing seating, high tech displays and expert presenters are a unique package. Presentations, dinners, camp-outs and weddings are all possible.