Interactive Memory Game

An interactive, memory-testing, card-matching game that rewards success with 5 sec learning videos of relevant information about the 1000 Islands history, geology and attractions.

Treasure Chest Experience
Treasure Chest Experience

Custom Interface Design

The User Interface supports the Aquatarium brand and educational mission through experiential learning. Different skill levels are built in and are easily accessible by children and adults.


Custom Fabrication

The game is designed to integrate seamlessly within the Robert Peel shipwreck exhibit. A period trunk with local art-student designed coins and hand-crafted buildout ensures authenticity.

Treasure Chest Experience

Scaleable Content

The database can manage any amount of multimedia content, from 20 to 200,000 challenges & rewards. Game playing success is tracked and rewards users with a Leaderboard profile.

A/V Integration

Multiple combinations of media supporting read, watch & listen can be accommodated. Multiple sensory inputs are well known to effectively enhance an educational experience and reinforce learning.

Educational Gaming

Learning through a combination of exploration, discovery and reward is the most powerful way to teach. It also makes learning about the St. Lawrence River and the 1000 Islands fun and rewarding.